Competitive Intelligence

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Competitive Intelligence gathering is a method of collecting information, analyzing and gathering statistics regarding the competitors. Competitive Intelligence gathering process is non-interfering as it is the process of collection of information through the different resources. Some basic sources of competitive intelligence are:

Official Websites Job Advertisements Press releases Annual reports Product catalogs Analysis reports Regulatory reports Agents, distributors & Suppliers Competitive Intelligence Gathering To get competitive information, you should visit websites like EDGAR, LexisNexis, Business Wire & CNBC. These websites gather information and reports of companies including legal news, press releases, financial information, analysis reports, and upcoming projects and plans as well. For more information, visit these websites: -





Business Wire



Gathering information from these resources, Penetration testers and attacker can identify: -

When did the company begin? Evolution of the company Authority of the company Background of an organization Strategies and planning Financial Statistics Other information

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