Email Footprinting

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Email plays an important role in running an organization’s business. Email is one of the most popular, widely used professional ways of communication which is used by every organization. Communicating with the partners, employees, competitor, contractors and other types of people which are involved in running an organization. Content or body of Email is hence important, extremely valuable to attackers. This content may include hardware and software information, user credentials, network and security devices information, financial information which is valuable for penetration testers and attackers.

Polite Mail is a very useful tool for Email footprinting. Polite Mail tracks email communication with Microsoft Outlook. Using this tool, with a list of email addresses of a targeted organization, the malicious link can be sent and trace the individual event. Tracing an email using email header can reveal the following information:

Destination address Sender's IP address Sender's Mail server Time & Date information

Authentication system information of sender's mail server

Tracking Email from Email Header Tracing Email from Email header offer hop by hop trace of an email along with IP addresses, Hop Name, and location. Several online and software applications offer Email header tracing. Email Tracker Pro is one of the popular tools.

Email Tracking Tools Popular Email Tracking tools are as follows:

Polite Mail Email Tracker Pro Email Lookup Yesware Who Read Me Contact Monkey Read Notify Did They Read It Get Notify Point of Mail Trace Email G-Lock Analytics

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