Footprinting through Search Engines

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The most basic option that is very responsive as well is Footprinting through search engines. Search engines extract the information about an entity you have searched for from the internet. You can open a web browser and through any search engine like Google or Bing, search for any organization. The result collects every available information on the internet.

For example, Search for google shows information about the world’s most popular search engine itself. This information includes the headquartering location, the date on which the organization founded, names of founders, number of employees, parent organization, and its official website. You can scroll to its official website to get more information or any other websites to get information about it.

Apart from this publically available information, websites and search engine caches can also serve the information that is not available, updated, or modified on the official website.

Finding Company’s Public and Restricted Websites During the collection of information, the attacker also collects the organization's official Website information including its public and restricted URLs. Official Websites can search through a search engine like Google, Bing, and others. To find restricted URL of an organization, using trial and error method, using different services which can fetch the information from Web sites such as

Collect Location Information After the collection of basic information through search engines and different services like Netcraft and Shodan. You can collect local information like the physical location of headquarters with the surrounding, the location of branch offices, and other related information from online location and map services.

Some of these most popular online services are: -

Google Earth Google Map Bing Map Wikimapia Yahoo Map Other Map and Location services People Search Online Services There are some online services, popularly used to identify the Phone numbers, Addresses, and People.

Some of these websites include: - Gather Information from Financial Services There are some Financial Services powered by different search engines that provide financial information of International known organizations. By just searching for your targeted organization, you can get financial information from these organizations. Google and Yahoo are the most popular Online Financial Services. Footprinting through Job Sites In Job Sites, Company’s offering the vacancies to people provide their organization’s information and portfolio as well is job post. This information includes Company location, Industry Information, Contact Information, number of employees, Job requirements, hardware, and software information. Similarly, on these job sites, by a fake job posting, personal information can be collected from a targeted individual. Some of the popular job sites are: - Monitoring Target Using Alerts Google, Yahoo, and other Alert services offer Content monitoring services with an alert feature that notifies the subscriber with the latest and up-to-date information related to the subscribed topic.

Information Gathering Using Groups, Forums, and Blogs Groups, Forums, Blogs, and Communities can be a great source of sensitive information. Joining with fake IDs on these platforms and reaching closest to the target organization's group is not a big deal for anyone. Any official and non-official group can leak sensitive information.

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