Messenger Briar

Messenger Briar


Published on Dec 19, 2021

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A project with an emphasis on confidentiality. You can exchange messages, arrange group chats and information channels like a telegram. It works via the Internet, wrapping all TOR traffic, and in the case of the usual communication channel, it lifts the mesh network. Of the minuses, you can only exchange text and emoji. Since the messenger positions itself as secure - in addition to encryption, it has an interesting way of adding users - it is necessary to show each other the QR codes generated by the application during a personal meeting. In the latest version, at the request of users, the ability to confirm the legitimacy of the user by exchanging special links was added, which, according to the creators, should be a confirmation that the interlocutor is exactly who he is in reality. Also from the interesting, there is the ability to configure the PANIC button - when you click on which all information and account will be deleted.

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