Monitoring Website Traffic of Target Company

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There are some website monitoring tools, which are being widely used by developers, attackers, and penetration tester to check the statistics of websites. These tools include Web-stat & Alexa and other tools showing information of ranking of the targeted website, geographical view to the user from all over the world, number of worldwide users, users from different countries, daily pages viewed, Daily time on site, the total number of the site linked, and much more.

Website Traffic Monitoring Tools Tools





Table - Website Traffic Monitoring Toolsxa

In the figure above, the most popular site, is searching by Alexa. The result shows Alexa Traffic Ranking, Global Rank of Website, Rank in the United States. Scrolling down the page shows further results such as a Geographical view of the audience, percentage, and ranking in every country and much more.

Similarly, another tool like Web-stat and Monitis monitor website traffic for collecting bounce rate, live visitors map, and other information.

Tracking Online Reputation of the Target The reputation of an organization can be monitored as well through online services. Online Reputation Management (ORM) offers to monitor an organization's reputation. These tools are used to track the reputation, ranking, setting up a notification when an organization known over the internet and much more.

Tools for Tracking Online Reputation Tool


Google Alerts



PR Software

Social Mention

Reputation Defender

Table - Reputation Monitoring Tools

One of the popular monitoring tools is Trackur ( Here you can search any keyword such as those shown in the figure showing the result for Microsoft. Their icons separate results from different sources; you can review the result by selecting an entry.

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