Motives, Goals, and Objectives of Information Security Attacks

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In the information security world, an attacker attacks the target system with the three main components behind it. "Motive or Objective" of an attack makes an attacker focus on attacking a particular system. Another major component is "Method" that is used by an attacker to gain access to a target system. Vulnerability also helps the attacker to fulfill his intentions. These three components are the major blocks on which an attack depends.

Motive and Objective of an attacker to attack a system may depend upon something valuable stored in that specific system. The reason might be ethical or non-ethical. However, there must be a goal to achieve for the hacker, which leads to the threat to the system. Some typical motives of behind attacks are information theft, Manipulation of data, Disruption, propagation of political or religious beliefs, attack on target's reputation or taking revenge. Method of attack & Vulnerability runs side by side.

Intruder applies various tools and number of advanced & older techniques to exploit a vulnerability within a system, or security policy to breach & achieve their motives.

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