Scanning Networks

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After Footprinting phase, you may have enough information about the target. Now Scanning network phase requires some of this information to proceed further. Network Scanning is a method of getting network information such as identification of hosts, port information, and services by scanning networks and ports. The main Objective of Network Scanning is: -

To identify live hosts on a network To identify open & closed ports To identify operating system information To identify services running on a network To identify running processes on a network To identify the presence of Security Devices like firewalls To identify System architecture To identify running services To identify vulnerabilities Scanning Network phase includes probing to the target network for getting information. When a user probes another user, it can reveal much useful information from the reply is received. In-depth identification of a network, ports and running services helps to create a network architecture, and the attacker gets a clearer picture of the target.

Scanning Methodology The Scanning Methodology includes the following step: -

Checking for live systems Discovering open ports Scanning beyond IDS Banner grabbing Scanning Vulnerabilities Network Diagram Proxies

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